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2 weeks ago

Just These, Please
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2 months ago

Just These, Please

Spotlight kindly asked us to run a workshop on sketch comedy at their #OpenHouse yesterday.

We did. We taught lots of talented people about our approach to comedy, how we generate material & the best way to write on a flipchart*

Thanks for coming everyone. Do stay in touch


* basically don't give the pen to Will
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2 months ago

Just These, Please

#noregretsWe love our fans xxxxxx #fans #comedyfans #fan #fanmail #fanmailbox #fanreview #audiencereview #noregrets #noregrets ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Just These, Please

Our friends The Hole Seekers are a brand new #podcast coming out very soon.

Follow them, prepare your abs and get ready to slap the heck out of your thighs (because it's funny)

The Hole Seekers
New gay, comedy podcast w/ Jack Mosedale and Jacob Jackson
Coming soon!
Follow us @theholeseekers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
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Looking to get started in comedy or devise your own comedy show? The fabulous @justheseplease discuss all of this plus much more here; https://t.co/Q80QaVHI4A 👏👏

This was So Much Fun.
(And I am not Captain Murderer.)
(But then... isn’t that exactly what Captain Murderer WOULD say...?)
(No.) https://t.co/ot8FY5b96X

I saw this show in #Edinburgh and cannot reccomend it enough. Do yourself a favour and go and see it. https://t.co/1OgpDSo7f3

The #VAULTFestival2019 Week 2 comedy lineup is superb. Here's just a snapshot of what's on offer, from character comedy to hilarious storytelling, with original, provocative and down-right funny stand-up. DO NOT MISS. Full listings: https://t.co/tERWkgJLu2

2 girls
2 boys
4 suits
20 million views

We're bringing our #Edinburgh @Gildedballoon show to London with some secret sexy special new material.

VAULTFestival 30th Jan - 3rd Feb

#VaultFestival2019 #justtheseplease

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