Just These Please Comedy

Just These Please  are  a sketch  and musical  comedy group with  over 65 million views online, sold-out runs at both the Soho Theatre & Edinburgh Fringe, and  a tendency to list things in threes.


JTP (nickname yes very cool) comprises (fancy word) Will Sebag-Montefiore (even fancier word, and he’s an actor, satirist, and he’s in Just These Please), Georgie Jones (poet, actor, also in Just These Please), Philippa Carson  (actor, singer, editor, in Just These Please) and Tom Dickson (real life maritime lawyer weren’t  expecting that were ya, also in Just These Please), Bennedict Cumberbatch (actor, voice over artist, not in Just These Please), Margot Robbie (same  as Benedict Cumberbatch, not in Just These Please at the moment).

These three  actor-comedians and  one maritime lawyer come recommended by the Guardian and the British Comedy Guide. You may have seen them  on BBC Scotland  or heard them  on BBC’s Front Row, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio London, a lot of the BBCs okay?!

They were nominated for Best Variety Act at the 2022 Chortle Awards and for Best Newcomer at the 2019 Kilkenny Cat Laughs. That said, they were also once told to ‘walk into the sea till the bubbles stop’ by a man called Simon on twitter, so do with that what you will…

Having spent 2023 on Virgin Voyages in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, (performing ON the seas and not IN them – sorry Simon) they’re thrilled to be bringing you their GREATISH HITS where ‘the gags are packed tight and, as always, the performance is faultless’ (Chortle).

Just These Please are back in London for literally only one night only, yes they live there but they’re not fun and games the whole time sometimes they’re just pooing or doing their tax returns. So yes for one night only they’re doing their live show that you can see in a big massive cool venue. BUT WHAT’S THE STYLE IS IT IMPROV? It’s not improv it’s sketch which is like Mitchell and Webb or SNL or Foil Arms and Hog or like When You Order Coffee With an Irish Name which you might have seen. It’s a fast-paced revue-style sketch & musical  comedy show. You  can  expect ‘countless highlights’ (ThreeWeeks) and ‘solid laughs throughout’ (Scotsman) in this ‘hilarious hour of sketch  comedy’ (Beyond The Joke). 

After three sold-out, five-star full runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, their “hour’s worth of solid gold material” (Popdust) is  on sale now! Get your tickets below!